Minggu, 26 Juni 2011

How Fast Do Private Jets Fly?

Private Jets offers the convenience and speed, everyone is aware of it. But do you know personally how How fast do private jets fly? Which the most fastest Private Jets? I'll give the answer.

  • Cessna Citation X

Private Jets is the fastest plane is the Cessna Citation X, with a top speed of 700 kilometers per hour. Cessna Citation X can reach 43,000 feet in just 30 minutes, Private Jets private business carrying seven passengers and equipped with luxurious facilities and high tech.

  • Falcon 7X

In subsequent positions there is a private aircraft Jets The Falcon 7X (Mach 0.9, 685 miles per hour). The Falcon 7X uses three Pratt & Whitney PW307A turbofan engines and has a very long range, using avionics suite, Honeywell Primus EPIC "Enhanced Avionics System". widespread use of computer-aided design, manufacturers claim it to be "the first plane designed entirely on virtual platforms."

  • Gulfstream G550

The third position is The Gulfstream G550 (Mach 0.887; 675 miles per hour), equipped with satellite communication systems, wireless LAN, and complete entertainment facilities. all are equipped to carry eight passengers. Mach is a measure of the ratio of the speed of an object, in this plane, the speed of sound, Mach is equal to 1, or 761.2 miles per hour. Every aircraft that flies past the speed of sound creates a sonic boom, which often results in large noise interference over a near-by areas.

To be able to feel the speed of your personal Jets have to spend a lot of money for it.

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  1. As many frequent flyers and businessmen started preferring Private Jet, usage of the commercial flights have been decreased, as many aviation companies are forced to stop many model of commercial flight services.